Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Thoughts and Updates

So, no matter how I love my carbs, all signs have continually pointed me toward sticking with low carb/keto with the final one just days ago.

I've been wondering for a while if I am insulin sensitive (I'm definitely a carboholic) so I called my doctor's office and checked with my Mom (she has my lab blood test paperwork copy). I specifically wanted to know where I stand on on my fasting blood sugar.

My number was 109. Under a hundred is normal. Over a hundred and you're starting to reach into the insulin resistance/prediabetes territory. The nurse I spoke too said that 109 wasn't perfect but they don't start to really worry until you hit 120 but I should keep an eye on it. But it's enough for me that 100 is normal and I'm over that.

And what will help me lower than number? Weight loss and less carbs and sugars. Of course. So I'm most definitely sticking with low carb/keto and actually getting more serious about it. No major cheat days (if any), trying new recipes, checking out low carb alternatives to things I like to eat and so on and I'm happy with this choice.

I'm not obsessing and I'm not driving myself crazy about this. It just is what it is and this what's best for me.

I'm also still working really hard on getting in daily water and I haven't felt dizzy, lightheaded or like passing out since I've been keeping myself well hydrated. And I'm taking the freaking iron pills but I still HATE them. They leave me with really bad indigestion and feeling extremely nauseated. I'm going to try taking them at night and see if that helps because feeling like this sucks.

Outside of that I'm hoping to be back at the gym more often starting tomorrow and I feel strong enough to pick up my last push/pull/leg (x2) workout instead of just machines. I did machines for 2 days last week and I'm a lot stronger and more capable than I expected to be after taking such a long break so I can do this!

We also started a new May step challenge in my Facebook group, well, two actually... one for beginners and one for advanced,. Currently I'm at the beginner level but I know on gym days I'll probably be hitting the more advanced numbers and I'm looking forward to that!

And tomorrow is my weigh-in day. Considering how the scale has been all week I'm not expecting much but we'll see.

That's it until then!

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