Monday, May 22, 2017

Trying Something Different

Yeah, basically the above is the plan!

I decided I'm not done playing with carbs. Between rereading the book my trainer suggested to me "The Renaissance Diet for Women" and watching (And now wanting to read) "In Defense of Food" and just not being happy with low carb no matter how I try... I'm just not done.

I need to find a different way... but without cheating and binging. No lectures please, I have to sort this thing out on my own. I've been in this pattern for way too long because I just haven't wanted to do what I'm doing so I have to break out of the pattern and just sticking with low carb isn't going to do for me anymore (I've been thinking about this a LOT... I just haven't been constantly posting about it).

I want to eat real food. Good, homemade, healthy, filling, real food. And if it has more carbs than I eat now so be it. And if some days have less so be it as well. I need to find a lifestyle I can live with and I am hating this one and have been for quiet a while. I'm deleted my last blog post about low carb and will write a new one soon talking more about this.

I know I mentioned consistency but I'm sick of feeling like this and I don't want to keep forcing it right now.

Plus, I think I have more willpower than I give myself credit for... I just don't use it as I should but it's time to bring out the big guns and put it into play!

Oh and while I did not do a full workout for several reasons, I did stretch and that's a start!

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