Sunday, June 18, 2017

10 Days Low Carb/Keto!!

... and I am doing awesome!! I'm closer to a more keto level of carbs than I have been in the past. Most of my daily net carbs are in the 20's with several days in the 30's. I haven't gone over 38 net carbs since I started this 10 days ago! I know there will be some days I may go up to 50 net like I have planned in my macros but I don't see a reason for that right now.

My headaches are basically gone except of bad weather/barometric pressure days, I'm sleeping 100 times better, my aches and pain have gone way down except on days when I overdo it or the weather gets me again and I have way more energy which has actually allowed me to get a ton of things accomplished in the last few days included my amazing workout closet.

I'm also not craving simple carbs and sugars at all and am finding that I don't even miss them. And if I want a pizza, I can make Fathead pizza. If I want muffins I can make keto muffins. If I want ice cream there are several varieties I can have that are low carb, low sugar, high protein and low calorie and so on. Now and again I fit in one small square of chocolate (I found chocolate that you can have for 3 carbs a 5 gram square - Chocolove Xoxox - Coffee Crunch In Dark Chocolate) and I'm totally fine just having that one square. I've had the saem bar in the fridge for over a week now and I'm not tempted to eat it all in one sitting at all! And the trick is not to have all of those treats in one day but spread them out!

And the scale is still moving down! It's slowed down so far this week but that's to be expected.

So here's what's been working for me the last 10 days...

1) I plan my meals either a day ahead of time or the morning of that day.

2) I usually make breakfast (or brunch depending on the day) my highest carb and calorie meal, then something smaller for lunch and then a really small dinner. Some days dinner is just a protein shake (especially with the hot and humid weather) but it seems to be working for me and I'm a lot less hungrier in the evenings when I do it that way.

3) my dinner is usually between 5:00 and 5:30 in the evening and then I don't eat anything else for the night. When I do have a snack, it's something healthy and earlier in the day but I normally just do the 3 meals.

4) I'm getting in all my vitamins daily and not skipping any. The iron pill has become a lot easier to deal with when I take it with dinner although I'm still at one a day instead of two. I should probably up it to the two prescribed ones sometime soon :/

5) I'm constantly on the lookout for new low carb/keto foods and recipes and I think I'm averaging one new recipe a week?

6) I find foods that fit my plan that I love and make sure to have them on hand for busy days... things like the keto muffins, the Powercrunch bars, Atkins shakes, pepperoni, blueberries, cheese, nuts...basic stuff I can grab if I have to and don't have time to make a meal.

7) nothing goes in my mouth unless I know the calories and macros ahead of time and not until it's been added to my My Fitness Pal day to make sure it fits in. That might seem a little obsessive but it's working really well for me.

8) I'm not having any cheat days. Instead I'm finding "cheat" foods that fit my macros but still taste like treats and eat them if I can make them fit into the plan.

So, basically, low carb/keto is going great right now! All I need to do is to start working out again (which starts tomorrow at home) and stick with this which is definitely the plan!!

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