Saturday, June 17, 2017

From a Waste of Good Space to an Organized Workout Equipment Closet!

As you guys have seen in my workout pictures in the past, all my workout stuff took up a lot of room and, lately, it's been all over the place and a mess. We also haven't been using the living room door because it held the fabric anchors for my resistance bands so I could use them. Well, sometime earlier this week I woke up in the middle of the night with a thought of taking the living room closet that was used to just store a bunch of crap and turn it into a workout equipment closet. Then I went back to sleep.

So... we've been working on and off for the last few days (and by "we" I mean Charles do did all the building, measuring, and putting major things together and in place, myself who did the research, planning and putting all my equipment in place, and Gabriel who put away the stuff that would have hurt my back and cleaned up the aftermath lol).

It ended up not being too expensive, it looks amazing and it feels so good to accomplish something this major and not just talk about it! So, without further ado, pictures of our work throughout the process!!

The beginning... here is the closet in all its messy, trashed glory. I cleaned it out mostly on my own (Gabriel helped with parts that could hurt my back). We ended up with 2 bags of clothing donations, 2 boxes of recycling, one box of non-clothing donations, a lot of trash, a full box of skeleanimals put aside until next Halloween and some great finds like a beautiful linen tablecloth that should fit our table perfectly!
                                Soooooo much wasted space and so much stuff!

All cleaned out!
After it was all cleaned out, the next step was to take down the closet door. You know the door's been on for a long time when you take off the hardware and the door remains in place lol. So this is what we were looking at...

The door is gone!
At first we planned to just put shelving and all that together from random stuff in the basement but then I went researching small exercise spaces and exercise equipment organization and came across some great ideas for what I wanted, but it took a trip to Home Depot and some money I had squirreled away to get everything we needed. 

Basically I wanted two shelves, one tall, narrow one for clothes, shoes, towels, etc to go at the back end of the closet on the inside (you can't see it in this photo), a shorter, wider shelf to hold dumbbells and weighted plates, hooks to hold the yoga mat on the wall and new, "metal" anchors to be attached to the wall so the living room door would be free and I'd still be ale to use my resistance bands. I didn't need to buy any extra hooks to hold the bands because there were several already attached inside the closet. Once we were in the store I also got the bright (hahaha... no pun intended) idea to get one of those small, portable lights that uses batteries because there's no light in the closet. 

Everything came from Home Depot except the anchors which came from Amazon (and are pink because that was the least expensive option). I also wanted to make sure the anchors were wide enough on the inside so that my bands would fit through with handles included since some of them have handles that don't come off. We took care of all that yesterday so the work could be done today!

Step one this morning was to put up the anchors. They are drilled into the walls and there's a chunk of wood behind the wall holding each one on with more strength and stability than just sticking them on the walls. One anchor is over the doorway, one anchor is at chest level on the right side and one anchor is at the bottom of the wall. Bambi (yes, I named that thing Bambi lol) is going to stay where he is but the sword and the two small icons are being moved because the resistance bands get hooked on them. 

                              Gotta love a man who knows how to use a power drill ;)   

The sword and the two icons around it will have to come down because the bands get caught on them

After the anchors were in place it was time to start putting the shelving together...

                                                            More drilling.

                                                        Shelf #1.
                                                     Shelf # 2.
Once the shelving was put into the closet (we didn't even have to anchor the tall one because it fit in absolutely perfectly but I can't get a full photo of it because of the angle). Charles attached the hooks to hold the yoga mat and added the hooked mirror that used to hang on the living room door and held a lot of my resistance bands.

Everything installed and ready to be filled in with workout stuff!!

The portable light.
Shelf #1 top 2 shelves: yoga blocks, towel, workout bras and shorts. Shelf #1 bottom 4 shelves: tank tops, ankle and knee braces, sneakers and ankle weights.

Top of the closet: exercise books and DVDs, heavy turtle to hold them in place & workout bag.

Bottom of shelf #1 and #2 along with the incredibly heavy dumbbell set. The 15 pound dumbbells are between the two shelves and ankle weights are way on the bottom.

                    The mirror and some resistance bands on the hooks.
Another angle of books and DVDs along with the mirror and the resistance bands.
The resistance bands, the hanging yoga mat, a gorgeous "boho" bag my best friend made for me that I use as a decoration because I don't want anything to happen to it and my stretching bands.                

Walking stick & practice Katana are way in the last free corner next to the tall shelf.

Shelf #2 with the step bench at the top of it, super heavy dumbbell set in front of it where it doesn't have to be moved again and the dumbbells can just be lifted in and out as needed, dumbbells, weighted plates, weighted gloves, balance disc and a weighted ball with the heaviest ones at the bottom.

                                            The full completed closet!
The full completed closet! I have a laminated stretch pose poster coming that will go where the big plank space is right now!


The only two things that didn't fit into the closet were my workout bench and swiss ball so they are currently off to the side of the living room along the wall and outside door where they usually are!

I absolutely love how everything came out and I can not wait to work out again and to see what else we can accomplish!!

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