Thursday, June 29, 2017

Thursday Weigh-In - June 29th - Three Weeks Low Carb/Keto Plus Measurements

Thursday Weigh-In - June 29th:
06/29/2017:                    -2.4 pounds
Total lost:                         40 pounds
Current Weight:              190 pounds

Wooohoooo!!!!! I finally hit that elusive 40 pound loss! I've worked my butt off for this and I still have a long way to go but it feels great to finally hit this number. My next short-term goal is going to be 185 pounds and once I get under 189.6 I will be at my lowest weight since July 2007!

I also finally took my measurements (I want to start doing that more often, maybe every 4-6 weeks?) and I was expecting to be down around the hips and waist because of the smaller jeans six but I was also pleasantly surprised to be down around the chest as well.

Here's what I've lost since 4/01/17 (which was about 3 months ago) and what I've lost in total in inches. The full details on the numbers and inches are on my weigh-in and measurements page!

Lost between 4/1 - 6/29:           Total Lost:
Waist: -0.5 inch                         6 inches
Hips: - 1.0 inches                      4 inches
Bust:  - 1.0 inch                         5.5 inches
Chest: -1.5 inches                      8 inches
Right arm: -0 inches                  2 inches
Left arms: -0 inches                   2 inches
Right thigh: -0.5 inch                 4 inches
Left thigh: -1.0 inches                4 inches
Right calf: -0.3 inches                1.3  inches
Left calf: -0.3 inches                  1.8 inches
Jeans Size: 1 size                         4 sizes

So now I just keep doing what I've been doing, push myself and keep working away at losing this weight and getting in shape!

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