Thursday, June 8, 2017

Thursday Weigh-In - June 8th and Going back to Keto

Thursday Weigh-In - June 8th:
06/08/2017:                    +2.2 pounds
Total lost:                       31.4 pounds
Current Weight:             198.6 pounds

So the scale is way up but I did have a really big binge day although the scale had been slowly climbing up all week so this isn't all from binging.

My mistake this week when checking my daily weight on the moderate carb plan was paying attention to the whole amount versus what the last weigh-in day showed and not focusing on the fact that every day it slid up a little more and a little more instead of down until the day it really shot up for no reason...that's what led to the binge. So overall, I had lost a chunk of weight at first but it was coming back, but because it was still a lower amount I didn't pay attention to the fact that it was coming back because I was still seeing it as a loss. I hope that makes some kind of sense lol.

I've decided to restart keto but far more seriously this time and I want to do it without cheat days. I read an article yesterday about a woman who's lost 100 pounds on keto but what really impressed me is that in a year and three months she has not had a single cheat day. I want to see if I can accomplish something like that. Plus, there are tons of "copy-cat" recipes I could make that would still be low carb but considered dessert or bread or muffins or whatever. I know I'll be okay and pretty happy if I can just be dedicated to it for a week. It's the first week I have to get through!

I also got a lot of really good advice on how to deal with the first week keto headache and the weather is supposed to be better (which also affects the headache) so I am ready to do this! Tomorrow is day 1 and I have food stocked, recipes ready and am constantly finding things to inspire myself to do this!

Gabriel also had the BEST idea about rewards for not cheating... every 30 days I go without cheating I get a new weapon (or shield or something in that area) and I can't buy any otherwise. And if I happen across some good deal and get a weapon between the 30 days, if I cheat for any of that time, Gabriel gets to keep the weapon. It's win/win for us both! I also need a weekly reward but that has to be something small and I'm not sure what yet.

This basically needs to be a lifestyle change and not a diet or a short-term plan. I know how I feel and look when I am consistent with it and I want all of that back. I just have to get through this freaking first week!

And on top of dealing with the weight and food issues, I did something to my neck and I'm in a lot of pain. Charles said it feels really tight to him and that it happens a lot to him after sitting at the desk at the computer which is what I was doing at work. It hurts from about my temple, down around my ear and throughout my neck and over my shoulder. Hurts to move, to breathe, to do anything, so right now the gym is on hold. At the moment I have a lovely heated pillow-like thing on which feels and smells amazing and I think it's helping! Hopefully it won't hurt much longer!

So, yeah, it's discouraging having the weight go up again and to be in pain again but I know I can do this and be successful on it. I just need to really give it all I've got and stop messing around with it and I feel ready to do that right now!

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