Monday, July 3, 2017

25 Days Low Carb/Keto and Turning "I Can't Have That" to "I Don't Want That"

So I mentioned on today's Motivational Monday that I wanted to expand on this thought... (different image, same message...)

I think this right here is what's making me stick to the plan and succeed this time around.

As of today I am twenty-five days into low carb/keto with no cheating and I am loving how I feel and how I look.

But why am I succeeding now after failing over and over again for a good year? Well, partially the idea of not cheating at all and partially the concept above.

Not cheating and making the right choices is so much easier now that I don't look at junk food and high carb foods and think... "it's not fair that I can't have that!" and then feel sorry for myself and then give in.

Instead I look at the food and think, "nope, not for me because I'm choosing not to eat this" and I move on.

I feel like letting go of that "unfairness" and that feeling of denial and punishment has been incredibly empowering to me.

I'm in charge, not the food.

I make the decisions, not the cravings.

I control myself, not my carb and sugar addiction.

It's a shame it took me so long to get to this point but I learned something in everything that I did so instead of looking at this as a wasted year, I'll look at it as a year of learning about myself, my emotions, my eating, my strengths and my weaknesses.

Choosing not to have something that will mess up my plan and my success is so... I guess I'll use the word "empowering" again. I feel like it frees me from the obsessions and the addiction and the longer I do this, the easier it gets. Not cheating has totally shut off that binging switch in my head and that feels amazing!

Sure, I know that food would taste great, but how it would make me feel and the weight I would end up gaining just makes it not worth it at this time and I don't see myself changing this way of eating anytime soon. Maybe a day will come along when I allow something I don't normally have into my day, maybe some kind of special occasion, but, again, that will be my choice and my decision, not something that's guided by cravings and addictions.

And I love that I have that kind of control now. It makes all this hard work worthwhile!

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