Tuesday, July 18, 2017

40 Days Low Carb/Keto With No Cheating!

40 days low carb/keto with no cheating!!

I have never gotten past 30 days of no cheating before so I'm thrilled with that! The thing I'm not thrilled with is that the cravings and the want for carbs is getting worse and worse. I fight it every day because I'm not about to mess this up but it's hard and I honestly expected it to get easier, not harder as time went on.

I know trying out some new keto recipes and foods will help and I've been working on that and have some plans for that after grocery shopping on Thursday.

It's also frustrating that the scale hasn't moved all week despite me doing everything right but I'm not freaking out about it this time. I need to face the facts that the scale won't move every week and I've been really lucky to have it go down every week so far in the last five weeks.

Weight loss is not linear and there's hundreds of things that could be affecting it right now from the weather, to female things, water retention, to bathroom issues, to eating more or less and more. It's hard because cravings are so much easier to deal with when the scale just keeps going down and down but it is what it is. Plus, I still have 2 days but if I don't lose this week then I don't lose.

My plan now is just to keep going with it all like I have been and just make sure I keep trying new foods, recipes or combinations of those so I don't get bored with the same thing.

I've come this far with no cheating and I'm not about to stop now!

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