Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Back to Normal...

We're back after a great weekend (well, we were back yesterday) and now I'm ready to get back to my workouts!

Yesterday was a horrendous pain day, the worst I've had in a very long time. Between my back radiating pain from one spot (the same one I pulled during the Fire Fighters thing) with every movement and every step I took, to my neck and hip feeling completely off and over to my right forearm that felt like a knife was going through it every time I flexed it, lifted something, squeezed something or used it in any way (let me tell you, driving home was so, so, so bad pain-wise) I was out for the count for most of the day.

Forget working out, I could barely move, so I iced things, rested and slept. I think it was a combo of driving, walking more and sleeping on the couch that did me in. What I should have done was ice my back the moment we got to Sarah's house Friday evening instead of waiting for Saturday afternoon so lesson learned!

We have a much longer driving trip coming up in mid-August but Charles will be driving for that one and now I know when to ice so hopefully I can stay on top of the pain on that trip, plus I'll be sleeping in a bed.

Obviously the fibromyalgia noticed I was doing well and decided to mess with me :/

Anyway, today is 1,000 times better and the only thing that hurts is my left wrist (which didn't even hurt yesterday) kind of like I sprained it, only I didn't do anything to it. Go figure.

On the plus side I stuck with my low carb/keto plan all weekend and didn't cheat a single time despite some amazing desserts being around and I'm pretty proud of that!

So today I get back on track with working out and I can't wait!

Today's plan is Pull Day B and, depending on how I feel at the end of that, a cardio DVD. I'll be posting a workout post once that's done!

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