Monday, July 31, 2017

Challenge Plans for August

The July 30-day step challenge is complete and I hit my goals nearly every day! And the days I had to rest, I took the official rest days and used them to catch up so I'm very happy with how that went.

So we have two challenges planned for August at the request of the rest of the people in our Facebook health group who wanted to continue the step challenge into August so that's going to be the 2nd challenge. We're probably still going to use the same one as July but that's not fully decided yet.

The main challenge is going to be one we haven't tried before... a daily yoga pose challenge that we're getting from this site... 31-Day Yoga Challenge and not only do they explain the poses but they give a video for each one as well.

My goal for the steps is to continue to hit 10,000 steps on as many days as possible and I'm really looking forward to learning some new yoga poses!

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