Saturday, July 29, 2017

Saturday, Fibro, Yoga and Tank Tops...

I started out the day in a great amount of pain due to fibromyalgia to the point where I tried to do my first 1,000 steps and my right hip almost felt dislocated (usually it's my left hip that does that). I was afraid and upset that I would have to take another rest day when my trainer suggested gentle yoga so I pulled out my "Candlelight Yoga" DVD and did that and I actually feel better!

I always forget how much I love this DVD until I do it and I think I'm going to incorporate it into my weekly workout. Maybe something like: A days, then yoga, then moving on to"B" days plus yoga and then C days plus yoga.

I'm also going to still get up every hour and try to do the 1,000 steps an hour I normally do but I have to go slowly because the pain is lesser but still there, but, doing something is better than doing nothing!

And I am beyond thrilled that my Princess Bride quote tank-top that I bought last June (and was too tight last June) fits perfectly now!!

Here is is in a comparison photo of 223 lbs (7 lbs down from my highest weight of 230) vs 184 lbs (39 lbs down between photos and 46 lbs down total)!

I still have a long way to go but seeing great progress like this feels amazing!

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