Saturday, July 8, 2017

Saturday, July 8th Workout - Planks and a Full Body Stretch

I had to change the workout plans a little for today because with all the driving and walking around I've done yesterday and today my back was acting up really badly. I iced it for a while and was able to handle planks and a full-body stretch.

It took a little longer than it normally does because I was leading my best friend and her kids in workout and I loved it! It was so much fun!

I think tomorrow we're going to shoot for the 45-minute long stretching DVD but we'll see.

Planks and Full body Stretch - 32 Minutes Total Time

Basic Plank - 1 x 65 seconds, 1 x 62 sec, 1 x 50 sec 1 x 37 sec, 1 x 42 sec

Full body Stretch

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