Tuesday, August 22, 2017

75 Days Low Carb/Keto With No Cheating!!

Today I am at 75 days low carb/keto with no cheating! 75 days is huge! Here's what I accomplished in that time...

- lost 20.6 pounds (total lost is currently 52 pounds... numbers based on right now but can change by Thursday's weigh-in)

-stopped eating all foods that are not low carb/keto... this means no bakery items outside of keto ones I make myself, no regular ice cream or gelato, no potatoes, no pasta, no take out unless it's a bun less burger or, once again, something low carb, no bread, no pizza, no Chinese, etc.

-tracked my calories and macros every day and posted my net carbs on my Facebook fitness board daily

-added exercise back into my life (until the concussion and some breaks)

-completed almost 2 months of step challenges and almost a month of the yoga challenge

-dropped inches and sizes in all clothing

-earned two new weapons and am on my way to a third

-lost weight every single week since the start of the 75 days

-dropped into the 170's that I haven't been in since 2005

-stopped craving sugar and carbs for the majority of time (although the time between week's 5 and 6 was pretty hard with cravings)

-starting feeling a million times better about how I feel, how I look and the fact that I am actually sticking with something I said I would do

-Set up a great workout area and made plans to rejoin the gym (as soon as I'm allowed to work out again)

- have not binged or eaten emotionally at all despite everything that's been going on in my life which, before this no-cheating plan, would have led me straight into the arms of sugar, carbs and binging

-probably started to make my kids proud as they see me doing what I said I would and succeeding

I'm sure there's more I may be forgetting to mention but those are the biggest ones! I get another weapon when I hit 90 days and I plan a big blog post when I hit 100!

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