Monday, August 21, 2017

Concussions, Rest Days and All Sorts Of Food Fun

Yeah, so I did end up seeing my doctor (for those who missed it, on Saturday I fell backwards off of my workout bench and landed in a V shape slamming my butt/lower back into the floor and the back of my head into the wall) and I do have a concussion. I figured I did so it was nice to have that validated (it was also nice to show my doctor that I had lost 10 lbs since the last time he saw me)!

Anyway, now I need to rest and take it easy for 7-10 days which means no gym according to my doctor, no strenuous workouts, being careful and just resting. Have I mentioned how much I hate resting these days, especially when I just rejoined the gym?

I'm hoping to at least be able to do daily stretches and maybe get back to my steps slowly over time. In the meantime my focus will go back to food.

And while we're on the topic of food, let's talk about it. Now, I'm still on track with my food if you look at the numbers. I'm still doing low carb/Keto, I'm still not cheating, I'm still within my calories and macros, still losing weight BUT over the last several weeks I've found myself relying more and more on low carb junk, chocolate, ice cream and snacks and less and less on actually healthy food and veggies and this needs to change, like, now.

I'm pretty sure its been over a week since I had any veggies at all and that's not good. My once a week low carb ice cream bar has turned into a daily ice cream bar plus some low carb chocolate, plus some low carb snacks and so on and that's not healthy or good. Yes, it's still in my macros and and it's still low carb but it's no longer healthy and my goal isn't just to lose weight but to get healthy as well. Plus all the fake sugar and sugar alcohols are really not good for me at all!

So right now the plan is cut the low carb ice cream bars to one treat a week, add veggies and berries to every day, stop buying various pre-made low carb/keto foods for now (especially since I rarely end up liking them) and go back to trying new, healthy recipes that include plenty of veggies.

Unfortunately, thanks to the concussion, I can't really stomach most solid foods right now, (I can handle soft things like the aforementioned ice cream, yogurt, jello, protein shakes, etc) but anything heavier I just can't eat right now but that won't last forever and I can add in some soft veggies for the time being.

Anyway, if I choose to look on the bright side, and I've really been working hard on that, since I can't focus on major workouts right now I can definitely focus on my food and getting that back on track so by the time I can go to the gym I should have the food all set!

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