Friday, August 11, 2017

Friday, August 11th Workout - Planks and Extended Full Body Stretch

I decided to ease back into working out by starting with planks and an extended full body stretch. I've been wanting to add more stretches and today seemed like the perfect day! I'm going to list my full stretch exercises and the additional ones I'm adding on after today. There's more yoga moved involved but I am loving them!

Tomorrow we're out most of the day so I should get a great amount of steps and get back to more serious workouts over this coming weekend!

And I got my longest plank to a minute and 45 seconds!!

Simple Workout - Planks and Full Body Stretch: 36 Minutes

Basic Planks - 1 x 105 seconds 1 x 91 seconds, 1 x 78 seconds 1 x 67 seconds, 1 x 63 seconds

Full body Stretch:
Rotating Neck Stretch
Neck Release Stretch
Overhead Tricep Stretch
Shoulder Stretch
Overhead Shoulder Stretch
Eagle Arms Pose (Shoulder Stretch)
Wrist Stretch
Wide Arm Chest Stretch Using Door Frame
Tree Pose
Warrior Pose
Standing Calf Stretch
Standing Hamstring Stretch
Standing Quad Stretch
Standing Half Forward Bend (holding on to shelf)
Standing Forward Fold
Downward Facing Dog
Low Lunge Pose
Half Split Pose
Cat/Cow Stretch
Thread the Needle Pose
Cobra Stretch
Child's Pose
Pigeon Stretch
Reclined Butterfly
Prone Hamstring Stretch
Rotating Ankle Stretch
Reclined Glute Stretch 1
Reclined Glute Stretch 2
Supine Twist
Bridge Pose
Seated Butterfly Stretch
Seated Side Bend Stretch
Seated Spinal Twist (done very, very carefully)
Cross Legged Forward Bend
Seated Hamstring Stretch
Wide Angle Seated Forward Bend Hamstring Stretch
Second Butterfly Stretch

I'll also be adding the following as of my next workout:
Single Knee to Chest Stretch
Downward Dog Alternating Calf Stretch
Standing Side Bend
Triangle Pose

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