Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Healing, Planning and More...

I'm finally recovering from the concussion and I'm starting to feel better but in the meantime, like the above quote says, I've been using this recovery time as an opportunity to rethink my eating and plan for my workout comeback (and, okay, to whine and complain about being hurt but I kept that to a minimum lol).

I'm making great progress in the food department. My carbs are healthier and there's less of them with most of carby junk being eaten once a week or in tiny portions and just one of something a day if any.

I've also gone back and forth on my workout plans, looked them over several times and actually changed my mind about how I want to tackle the gym

First, I'm planning on being back at the gym either Friday or Saturday depending on how I feel and, second, I've reconsidered the workout I'm starting with. I decided that I want a slightly shorter workout with more options than just upper/low body machines switch would offer me so I'm going to go with my Push/Pull/Leg/Abs days that are divided into 4 sections: A days, B days, C days and D days. In that way I will only have 8 exercises a day instead of 10-11 (6 instead of 8 on ab days) which will make my workouts shorter and easier and give me a total of 12 days of working out without a fully repeating workout. It would also shorten my strength training time giving me more time for cardio and stretching.

This exercise set combines weight machines, free weights, cable/bands and body weight exercises and they're all I know my body can handle. I'm also going to use lighter weights than I normally do and just hold each rep a little longer.

As for cardio, that will be added on days that I feel up to it (for about a week or so then it'll just be added in because I need to do it) so the focus will start with strength training and I feel confident that this is the plan I should be starting off with. I can't wait to try it out!

Tomorrow is my weigh-in day and I'll post more about my weekly plans then!

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