Wednesday, August 9, 2017

My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

This week has been just horrible and I'm so exhausted and worn out from dealing with it that I'm going to break it down into bullet-point short pieces of info instead of long winded explanations...

1) Sunday night Gypsy had to go to the vet as an emergency due to a rectal prolapse (yes, it is as bad as it sounds). She ended up with a surgery to put things back in, on antibiotics for a UTI we didn't know she had and on 2 different medications to help her poop. She had to be sedated and we were warned that this surgery could lead to fecal incontinence, the prolapse could come back, the stitches could get too tight and all of those things were emergencies to look out for. We were also warned to watch out for vomiting and straining and to call them on Monday and let them know how she's doing. So all this was... oh... about $750.00. Thank God for savings accounts.

2) Monday she was mostly okay and acting like herself but we were told to bring her in Tuesday so the vet can take a look at her and found out her stitches won't come out until Thursday afternoon which led to our decision to cancel our early anniversary vacation weekend because she could have a serious emergency at any time during this process and after her stitches come out and since they were not coming out since Thursday and we would leave Friday morning, we felt very unsettled about leaving her plus it would only be Dmitri and Gabriel at home with no car and no way to get her to the emergency vet if something happened.

Plus, at least this way we'd get our money back from the vacation which was supposed to happen this coming weekend and that everything had been booked for since March... in theory, we had until Thursday at noon to get our money back so all we should do is ask Priceline for a refund? Right? Ahahahahaha... NOT this week!

3) As I went to cancel with Priceline the realization struck me that this vacation had been paid for with the debit card from our old bank. The bank that was replaced with a totally different bank and so the card we booked with no longer existed. But we're talking about a big corporation like Priceline so this shouldn't be a problem? Right? Right?


I called the hotel. They said to call Priceline. I called Priceline. They can only refund the money to the original card. I said that no longer existed. They said they couldn't help that and too bad for us. I hang up and call the bank, they say there's nothing they can do. I call Priceline again. They say there's nothing they can do but refund the money to the card THAT NO LONGER EXISTS. I call the bank and ask for a manager. She says there's nothing they can. I call Priceline again. They check with the manager and there's nothing they can do but return the money to the &(^%^^&%#@#$%^& card THAT NO LONGER )(&^$@#* EXISTS!!!

I drive down to the bank and basically demand to speak to the manager. Spend 20-30 minutes with her, she makes some phone calls, finds the old card in the system but there's no way to turn it back on and no way to get that money when they refund it. She offers to send them proof that this is me and that it was my card and this is the new card. Priceline says no.

I go home. I call Priceline AGAIN and demand to speak to someone higher up. 45 minutes later (after a 30 minute hold) they finally transfer me to the finance office who tell me that yes, there is something we can do. They will refund the money to the card that doesn't exist. In three business days I call them and tell them the bank is refusing to put that money into my account. They will then call the bank. Once the bank tells them it's impossible to give us that money, Priceline will cut us a check. I don't necessarily believe all this will actually happen and have very little hopes that we'll actually get the money back but we're talking about $660.00 here, that's a lot of freaking money and I refuse to give up on it right now.

Sorry, I guess that was long-winded after all :/

And, btw, it took all of 10 minutes to get the money back from the dinner train which was also booked with the old bank card. Once we explained the situation they said they would cut us a check right away.

Lesson learned from this... deal with small places, not corporations and never use Priceline again.

4) Tuesday morning Gypsy goes back to the vet. That's another $45.00. She looks pretty good and we take her home. Tuesday evening (after hours of course), she's throwing up and has a chunk of poop stuck in her butt. We're told to bring her back in right away when they finally call us back 45 minutes and 3 phone calls after our first emergency call (I got a huge apology for that). They give her laxatives and send her home. Thanks to poop being everywhere we had to lock her in the basement area (we made her very comfy with all her favorite stuff and felt a little weird that she doesn't complain (Gypsy always complains).

5) This morning... Charles cleans up her up before work, she seems to eat okay and she seems okay. I check on her before I got to work and she seems okay but very, very quiet. Gypsy is not a quiet cat. I get home from work and check on her, there's two piles of vomit (bad), she's lethargic and doesn't even care that she's locked down there. She's just laying on the pillow quietly (really bad) and there's a big chunk of poop stuck in her butt again (really, really bad). I call the vet and have to bring her back in immediately as an emergency.

We go in and by now I'm just crying through the whole appointment because I am emotionally freaking worn out. They take her out back to take out one of the stitches and all I can hear is her screaming. So I'm bawling, she's screaming and I have no idea if she's okay or not. When they brig her back, she's Gypsy again and they said she was only screaming because she was mad, not because she was in pain but I don't think I believe them :/ They took one stitch is out, she pooped tons and she's feeling way, way better. And they gave her a shot to stop the vomiting (at least another $45.00 if not more). I get her home and she actually asks to eat, she eats and now she's outside actually chasing stuff.

I have to call the vet tomorrow and let them know how she's doing in the morning and then bring her in in the afternoon to have the rest of the stitches taken out.

And so now we come to right now. I'm exhausted, I haven't done a real workout since Sunday (still doing the yoga challenge though) and today is the first day since Sunday that I'm actually going to hit over 10,000 steps.

I know I keep mentioning money but, really, I don't care nearly as much about the money as I do about Gypsy being okay so I'm hoping the rest of today will go well.

And we'll find out about the Priceline crap on Friday.

If you've read this far... thank you for sticking it out and I'll update more later!

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