Thursday, August 3, 2017

Thursday Weigh-In - August 3rd - Eight Weeks Low Carb/Keto Plus Measurements

Thursday Weigh-In - August 3rd:
08/03/2017:                     -1.6 pounds
Total lost:                        47.4 pounds
Current Weight:              182.6 pounds

Eight weeks of low carb/keto with no cheating (56 days today!) and I'm down another 1.6 pounds today for a total loss of 47.4 pounds! I'm only 2.6 pounds away from a 50 pound loss!

I'm just going to keep going with what I've been doing for the past eight weeks and keep working my ass off (literally lol).

And as I've written earlier I'm now in size Large shirts, my size 12 jeans are getting loose and I'm looking and feeling better every day!

I also took my measurements and I'm really happy with them! Since June 29th (5 weeks total) I'm down the following and the full details on the numbers and inches are on my weigh-in and measurements page!

Lost between 6/29 - 8/2:         Total Lost:
Waist: -0.5 inch                        6.5 inches
Hips: - 1.0 inches                      5 inches
Bust:  - 0.5 inch                         6 inches
Chest: -1.0 inches                      9 inches
Right arm: -0 inches                  2 inches
Left arms: -0 inches                   2 inches
Right thigh: -0.5 inch                 5 inches
Left thigh: -0.5 inches                5 inches
Right calf: -0.2 inches                1.6  inches
Left calf: -0.2 inches                   2 inches
Jeans Size: none                         4 sizes (but getting looser every day)

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