Monday, August 14, 2017

Trying to Get Back on the Exercise Track...

...otherwise known as Fibromyalgia SUCKS!

After a great day on Keene on Saturday (not counting when the back pain started early in the day and just got worse and worse) my body was completely out of it on Sunday... severe pain in my back and all my joints, heaviness, exhaustion... etc.

I think it's incredibly unfair that I'm doing all this hard work: I've changed my diet and I'm sticking with it, I work out (excluding last week), I'm losing weight, I'm getting "healthier" but just one freaking day out and my body is out of commission for at least a day if not two.

And, yes, I know, life isn't fair, Fibro isn't fair and no matter how hard I work my illnesses will not magically go away but I'm annoyed, I'm in pain and I'm just venting. I know things could be way, way worse so I should be happy that I AM making progress but when I'm facing day after day of pain, exhaustion and not being able to complete a full workout, it doesn't feel like progress at all.

Anyway, today is better with the joints and exhaustion but my back is still screaming so today's goal is to hit my 10,000 or more steps (I missed my last two days) and I did my yoga poses for the challenge, both yesterday's and today's.

All I really want is to get back on track with everything. Maybe tomorrow?

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