Saturday, September 16, 2017

100 Days Low Carb/Keto with No Cheating!!! - Long With Lots of Numbers!

100 days!! I can't believe I've hit 100 days! When I first started this in early June I don't think anyone, including myself, thought I would make it this far due to all my backsliding and cheating from the past several years but I did it and I feel amazing!!

I have a lot of numbers to share over the last hundred days of what I've achieved but I just feel so happy and so proud of myself.

This is the best and healthiest I have ever felt! This is absolutely the way of life for me for eating and I'm not about to stop!

The only "cheat" day (or "feast day" as Charles calls it) I have planned is Christmas day and even then I'm not planning a huge binge like I would be several months ago. I have a plan for some specific food and portions and that's all.

Let's see what the next 100 days bring!!!

So here's what I accomplished numbers-wise in the last 100 days:

Days Without Cheating : 
100 - June 8th-September 16th:

Weight Lost: 
24.2 lbs (198.6 - 174.4)

Weeks weight was lost: 
14 weeks (every week)

Inches Lost:
waist - 1.5
bust - 1.5
jeans size - 0
right arm - 0.5
left arm - 0.5
right thigh - 1.5
left thigh - 1.5
right calf - 0.7
left calf - 0.7
hips - 2.0
chest - 1.5

Highest Daily Calorie Intake:
1244 calories

Lowest Daily Calorie Intake:
1005 calories

Highest Daily Net Carb Intake:
44 net carbs

Lowest Daily Net Carb Intake:
23 net carbs

Days Worked Out:
36 days

Weapons Earned:
3 (day 30, day 60 & day 90)


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