Monday, September 25, 2017

More Workout Thoughts and Plans...

So... I'm planning on hitting the gym tomorrow rather than working out at home and there are several reasons for that...

1) It's so freaking hot and humid that I can maybe pull off a weights workout but definitely not cardio as well in this weather.

2) I realized today that I actually work at lot harder at the gym than at home, probably because there's machines and cables that have a much great range of weights than I have here at home.

3) I still miss it.

4) I prefer treadmills to workout DVDs for cardio.

Like I said in my previous posts, I'll be going back and forth depending on how I feel but at the same time, I want to establish a routine so I'm not exactly sure how I'm doing that.

I also haven't decided yet if I'm restarting with Push Day A or going into Leg Day A. One one hand I want to start from the beginning because of all the machines that I missed but on the other hand, is restarting it again bad for me? I'm guessing it's not bad because I did Push Day A the day before yesterday and today is a day off due to the weather so it's probably fine and that way I might actually run a full workout.

Anyway, we'll see what happens in the morning but I really want to make an effort to go. I definitely get a better workout there than at home, I really want to push myself and I already made sure my bag is all set to go!

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