Thursday, September 14, 2017

Thursday Weigh-In - September 14th - Fourteen Weeks Low Carb/Keto Plus Measurements

Thursday Weigh-In - September 14th:
09/14/2017:                  -0.6 pounds
Total lost:                      55.6 pounds
Current Weight:            174.4 pounds

I'm so thrilled with this half pound! Even a couple of months ago I would have been upset that it was only half a pound but I've learned a lot since then and I will happily take it!!

This puts me at 55.6 pounds down as a total loss and 24.2 pounds down in the 14 weeks of low carb/keto with no cheating! Today is also day 98 no cheating!! I can't wait to hit day 100 on Saturday!

I also decided to do something different for my workouts. I desperately miss my home workouts and the ease I have to workout at home wearing whatever I want, watching whatever I want and just not having to travel for it but I also have very few options for good cardio.

So... right now I'm going to do all my strength training at home (where I am WAY more likely to do it as the weather gets colder) and go to the gym for cardio first thing in the morning after dropping Gabriel off at school so that I'm already in the car and not in bed under my warm blankets lol. And this gives me a chance to try out fasted cardio and see how that goes.

This was I have the best of both worlds, I can always throw in some extra exercises at the gym if I feel like it but I won't feel like I'm wasting my home equipment by only going to the gym or wasting the money I paid for the gym by only working out at home.

I feel really happy with this plan and I'm positive I can be back to working out by this
weekend because I'm finally starting to feel better!

I also took my measurements this week and I'm thrilled with them! Since August 2nd (6 weeks total) I'm down the following and the full details on the numbers and inches are on my weigh-in and measurements page!

Lost between 8/2 - 9/14:         Total Lost:
Waist: -1.0 inch                        7.5 inches
Hips: - 1.0 inch                          6 inches
Bust:  - 1.0 inch                         7 inches
Chest: - 0.5 inches                     9.5 inches
Right arm: -0.5 inches               2.5 inches
Left arms: -0.5 inches                2.5 inches
Right thigh:-1.0 inch                  5.5 inches
Left thigh: - 1.0 inch                  5.5 inches
Right calf: - 0.5 inches                2  inches
Left calf:   - 0.5 inches                2.5 inches
Jeans Size: none                          4 sizes (can get my 10's on and button them but not quiet zip them)

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