Thursday, September 21, 2017

Thursday Weigh-In - September 21st - Fifteen Weeks Low Carb/Keto

Thursday Weigh-In - September 21st:
09/21/2017:                  -0.8 pounds
Total lost:                      56.4 pounds
Current Weight:            173.6 pounds

Fifteen weeks of no cheating under my belt and the scale moved down again! So I'm down 56.4 pounds total and 25 pounds since starting no cheating 15 weeks (105 days today) ago! And on top of that I had a huge NSV because I can wear my size 10 stretch jeans now! I haven't been under a size 12 in pants in about 15 years!!

The weight loss is starting to slow down but I know that's normal plus this is a bad, "female week" for weight loss so I'm not overly concerned because I'm still on track and I'm making progress.

My biggest goal for this coming week outside of sticking to the food plan is to finally add working out back in. My workout plan is printed and ready to go, my gym bag is all set and all I need is the time and the energy to actually get off my butt and go do it. I know that I may drag my feet getting there but once I'm actually there I will love it as I always do! Right now the plan is to start Saturday morning because my Saturday is totally free, I have no excuses and I've told both my trainer and the gym owner that I WILL be there so now I'm being accountable to two separate people and I don't like letting people down!

I also realized today, after I happened to type it out, that I am 43.6 pounds away from my original goal and I was shocked!! I'm only 43.6 pounds away???? How did that happen?! Yes, it's still a big number but a whole lot smaller than 100 lbs was. It'll take longer to lose the last half than the first half took (well, if you don't count that one year of waffling and sort of not really losing anything) but I'm in this in for the long haul and I have time.

So...this week, stick to the food plan, stick to no cheating and get my butt back into the gym... I can do this!!

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