Monday, September 11, 2017

Time to Tweak the Plan... Very Long!

Okay, it's time to tweak the plan a little. Basically, I'm down 55 pounds so I can't keep eating the same amount of calories I was eating 55 pounds ago because I'm a lot smaller now. On top if that, while I'm thrilled with how the last 13 weeks have gone, once again, I can't keep doing the exact same thing week in and week out and expect the same results. After a lot of reading, researching and chatting with other low carb/keto people today I think I know what I want to do so I'm going to explain and break it down here...

It all started with the scale annoying me. Now, if you look at my weigh-in days, I have steadily lost weight over the last 13 weeks of no cheating low carb/keto. But, I weigh-in every day and my fluctuations are getting worse and worse (yes, I know they're normal) and the weight loss is only happening once a week, if it even was a real weight loss... let me explain.

Last week I weighed in at 175 lbs on my weigh-in day which is what I logged. But every other day that week was between 178 and 176 pounds and after the Thursday weigh-in the scale is right back up to 177-176 and hasn't even hit 175 lbs again which means that weigh-in may have been a fluke. Yes, I know stalls will happen and it's normal but I want to at least try and get back on track with a steady loss with smaller fluctuations so here's the planned changes...

1) First, that new, comfy, expensive mattress pad on the the bed... think it worked? NO! It DIDN'T do ANYTHING to help my knees!! The only thing that has helped is putting a pillow below the knees and having to move it every time I turn in bed so I constantly have a pillow below whatever knee I'm laying on. Am I not happy with this? You bet I'm not but at least the mattress pad is comfy and Charles likes it a lot so it was worth buying but what a let down!

I went ahead and ordered two wearable knee pillows to put around both knees that should be coming today. You're supposed to wear one and use it between your knees where they come together but I don't need that, I need something to protect the outside of my knees so the plan is to wear a knee pillow around each knee and turn it so the soft, comfy part is protecting the outside of the knee and hopefully that will work. I'll update on it after I try it out. If not, I guess I'm stuck with the freaking pillow!

So all this leads to...

2) I'm bringing back some sugar alcohols and fake sugars into my diet (mainly the Enlightenment ice cream bars) because they're not the thing that's causing my knee pain and I miss them. I'm still going to cut back, like one Enlightenment bar a week and only use the sugar alcohol foods for just my favorites (yes on the ice cream bars, no on the sugar-free chocolates for example) and keep the numbers as low as possible on the days I use them but, really, they don't seem to be the problem at all.

3) As I mentioned a while back, I'm doing Intermittent Fasting by not eating between 5-5:30 pm until 8-9:30 am depending on the day so I was doing the 16:8 plan (which I didn't even realize for a few weeks). That means I have a 8-hour window for eating and a 16 hour window for fasting (most of it being overnight so I could sleep through it). I'm going to drop it by an hour for the following week starting today to have a 7-hour window for eating and then drop by another hour (if I'm okay with that, it all depends on how I feel on the 17:7 plan)  to have it at 18:6 next week and see what happens.

I know some people do Intermittent Fasting for a 24 hour window twice a week but I'm definitely not ready for that plus I need to eat before I work out. I've tried it on an empty stomach before and it did not go well.

4) I am going to pay more attention to calories and carbs and really lock those down. There's no reason why I need to eat one piece of an amazing Lindt truffle that has 77 calories and 5 grams of carbs. That adds up to an extra 35 grams of carbs a week and 539 calories a week :O and that could be affecting my weight loss. I might have been able to get away with that 55 pounds ago but not now and not as I keep getting smaller. Plus, I want to make those things more of a special occasion thing and not an every day thing.

And, I seriously need to get healthier and those carbs can be replaced with veggie or berry carbs which would be much better for me!

5) I'm slowly starting to feel better so I'm hoping to be back at the gym this week to start my new workout plan and I can't wait! Obviously I can have some more calories on days when I do a major workout but I'm not going to worry about that right now. I just want to get back to the gym.

I think that covers things for now and I'll continue to tweak things as they are needed. I also know that weight loss slows down over time and the scale will fluctuate more but I want to do everything I can to keep on the path to losing weight and getting to my final goal!

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