Sunday, September 24, 2017

Workout Plan Changes and Needing to Size Clothing Down Again!

This... so much this (btw I made this motivational thing using one of my photos from a nature walk last year and something my trainer once said to me).

In any case, as you guys may have noticed I worked out at home yesterday instead of the gym and I actually loved it. 

I'm pretty much at the point where I'm more likely to workout at home than the gym because it's easier on my time and energy and I like having an available bathroom right there. Of course I also love the gym but I may end up using it more for cardio for now. I want to actually complete at least one round of a full A-D workout before switching again and since I started Day A at home, I'll probably continue until the end of this workout cycle and then I'll see.

I still want to be able to fasted cardio at some point in time but I'm having a hard time not feeling sick in the mornings so that may be something I have to work up to.

In other news, I need smaller clothes again :O In a way that's great news! Yay, I need mediums instead of Larges now in tops and tank tops which is great progress but in another way, I just bought most of these Larges at the end of July/start of August!! How can I need mediums already?

And let's not even get started on bras. I absolutely need to new sizes for those but I'm still working on figuring out the actual sizes I need. 

Lucky there's a rummage sale at the church where I work coming up in a week so maybe I can some smaller size shirts there.

I'm hoping my long-sleeved tops still fit well but I'm almost afraid to try them on and find out they're getting too big before I even have a chance to wear them! I'll have to do it sometime but it's not going to be today!

So, yay for getting smaller and I'll be posting workout info once my workout is done today!

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