Friday, October 13, 2017

Doctor's Visit Updates and Plans... Long With Lots of Info!

Okay, I saw my doctor and went over my face issues, my labs and all sorts of stuff so there's some good news and some not so good news...

Good news first...

1) My iron count is great so I can cut my iron pill in half!

2) My cholesterol is even better than it was before the cholesterol med was cut in half so I can stop taking it altogether which was a HUGE goal for me with losing weight!!

Guys, this is so big and incredible to me! I've been on these meds for many, many years and wanting to get off tthem for a long time and this feels like such a huge step that I never would have reached without low carb and weight loss!!

3) He's insanely proud of my weight loss and no cheating and told me one feast day at Christmas won't hurt me! He knows I'll get all the way to goal weight and he is just super proud of me!!

Now the not so good news....

1) My sodium is low again... like, not good low, so I need to cut back more on my water and go over the lab results with my shrink the day I see him (over a week) because 2 of my meds could be contributing to this but this would also explain why I felt like passing out a bunch of mornings last week.

I have to watch it carefully to make sure I don't end up getting really sick and in the ER again with hyponatremia because that would be really, really bad. He also said I can try adding electrolytes to the water I am allowed to drink or to add sodium "vitamins" but he can't guarantee that will help.

2) He doesn't know what's on my face. At first he thought Rosacea but after seeing all my pics from the times it looks a million times worse than it did today, is sending me to the first dermatologist on his list who can fit me in the soonest so either Claremont or DHMC. Someone will call me on Monday.

3) He said my brain should not still be behaving the way it has been since the concussion (lots of forgetting things, missing words and sometimes sentences when typing, driving in the wrong direction than where you're supposed to going and a lot of other small things that are really starting to add up) and he may end up sending me to a neurologist but he wants me to talk to my shrink first to see if this could be because of the depression or my meds and to deal with the skin issue.

4) I do need to finish out the prednisone but he said I could cut it in half (I HATE how it's making me feel!!).

5) And here' a big one... because we're not sure what's happening with my immunity and my issues and my system right now, it's been suggested that it could better that I work out at home for now instead of risking going to the gym and possibly getting sick.

Which, I can live with that, because I have so much equipment and plans for working out at home, plus it gives me a chance to try and fall back in love with it again because if I can cut the gym out in the end, I might have to due to major financial reasons.

If I desperately miss the gym and can find a way to pay for I'll definitely keep it and go back as soon as I can but if I can love being at home then I may stay there. I'm not making any big decisions on it right now, just need to focus on one home workout at a time until we figure out what's going on with me!

So, that covers it for now, I think. I may end posting pics of what's been happening to my face, neck and chest later but it's basically half a spreading rash and half brightly red, quickly spreading... well... red, all across my face and down my neck into my chest. It's at its worst in the later afternoons and evenings and sometimes looks like my entire face has just suffered a severe sunburn and feels insanely hot and other time just looks like a rash. It's pretty bad.

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