Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Hey... Let's Go Ahead and Change Plans Again...

Sigh. Yes, I'm changing plans again due to several reasons one of which involves finances and one that involves feeling a need to stay closer to home and available at any point in time.

This is all the detail I'm going to go in on here right now but what it leads up to is going back to working out at home again. Which, I can live with. I love the gym but I also love my home workouts so whatever needs to be done right now is what's going to be done.

I'm not fully giving up the gym, I'm just switching to home workouts for now but I still really want to try for fasted cardio in the early mornings while my membership lasts. I just need to find that kick of energy first thing in the morning :/

Obviously I have really good equipment at home and plenty of plans that are ready go at the drop of a hat. Today I'm doing some yoga stretches due to a really bad headache but tomorrow I'll be picking up with Push Day A in my home workout again.

I'm positive I can work just as hard at home, I just need to really push myself. I'm still planning on working out daily (stretches count) and everything else I had planned before things changed, it'll just be at home and not at the gym for now and take it day by day.

Like I've posted before, it doens't matter where I'm working out as long as I keep working out!

I think that covers it for today!

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