Sunday, October 22, 2017

Thoughts on Working Out at Home, Building Muscle and More...

This is exactly how I feel! I'm very nicely sore from both my push and pull days and can't wait to barely be able to walk tomorrow and the next day from today's leg day!

So, today was my third workout in a row at home and I am absolutely loving it. Changing up the workout; the sets and reps and doing each move slower and holding the rep at the top is making a huge, huge difference in how hard I'm working and I can feel it with every movement!

I'm not even missing the gym at this time because I'm working just as hard as I was while there and I'm loving being able to just throw on my workout clothes and exercise whenever I feel like without worrying if it'll be busy or having to go anywhere (plus, horror movies to keep me company and kids to take pics for Instagram)!

I may eventually want to go back to the gym but right now I'm very happy where I am. I even did cardio all three days, two DVD workouts and one outdoor walk, and tomorrow will be a long cardio day along with Abs day A and I'm liking the DVDs right now so we'll see how things go.

I'm also noticing a lot more loose skin, which is to be expected, but besides the loose skin I'm seeing a very noticeable lack of muscle tone. Now, this does make sense seeing how inconsistent my workouts have been so I'm hoping to change that by actually sticking to the workout plan but it's a little disappointing to still see a lot of flab. I plan on upping my protein amounts (I can never seem to even hit my macro requirement) so it needs to be done but I'm so freaking picky about what I eat that I really need to plan ahead for this.

I also may have to wait until I'm done losing weight before I can really build up my muscles but I'm sure I can make some kind of progress with being consistent with my exercise and macro intake.

I've also felt like I've been starving the last two days and my calorie count has definitely gone higher on the days I work out than the days I don't, but it's still under it my final limit so I think that's okay... it just feels weird to be eating more than normal for me :/ I'm sure I'll sort all of this out as I go, but I still have about 38 pounds to lose until my original goal weight and about 28 pounds to go until I hit my highest "healthy" BMI number so I'm not done yet. I'm just going to keep taking it one day at a time and see what happens.

And if I'm overdoing it on the calories, it'll show up in my weigh-in and then I can adjust as I go. And who know, maybe an extra 100 calories will help the muscle and strength training if they're healthy ones?

Other than that, I finally see my shrink tomorrow morning but I'm definitely starting to feel more like myself these days. My skin isn't really back to normal (you can see what I mean in some of my workout pics) but it's better than it was and while the redness remains, and comes and goes, the rash is staying away. And if it gets really bad again I can call the dermatologist back. I do have an appointment to see them but it's not until Nov 14th :/

I think that covers it for now!

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