Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thursday Weigh-In - October 19th - Nineteen Weeks Low Carb/Keto - Out of the Obese BMI!!!

Thursday Weigh-In - October 19th:
10/19/2017:                  -1.4 pounds
Total lost:                      61.8  pounds
Current Weight:            168.2 pounds

Yes!! Not only am I down another 1.4 lb (down 30.4 lbs in the 19 weeks of low carb/keto with no cheating and 61.8 lbs total since June 2015) but I am officially out of the obese BMI and into the overweight!

This is huge for many reasons, one being that I've been obese for at least 12 years now and I had to work incredibly hard to get to this point!! Plus it's another huge goal that can be checked off!

So this leaves me with 38.2 lbs to go until my original final goal weight and 27.2 lbs to go until I am out of the overweight BMI and into the healthy one (I need to be 141 lbs for that)!

I'm thinking at the rate that the weight loss is going (slower some weeks than others) it may take another 9 months to a year, or maybe more, before I hit my final goal but we'll see. I'm not rushing it, just taking it day by day and pound by pound.

I'll probably retake my measurements for my next weigh in (or the week after, I haven't decided yet) and see where that stands too. Since my clothes are fitting even better now, I'm sure most of them are smaller.

My biggest goal now is to get back to exercise which would be a lot easier if my back would stop hurting all the time. Right now the plan is tomorrow and/or Saturday but I'll see how things go and things with food will keep going the way they have been because that's still going great!

Edited to Add:
Also, I know I keep going back and forth on the home/ gym thing but I think I will stop making any "final decisions" and just work out.

One day may be at home and one day may be in the gym and one day may be an outdoor walk... it doesn't really matter as long as it's something and at the rate I'm going and with how I've been feeling, I'm just going with whatever I can do that week or that day, otherwise I'll never do anything!!!

The next time I need to make a decision will be January 1st when my current gym membership runs out so I have plenty of time until then!

So, basically, the final decision is that there is no final decision and I'm going to try very hard to obsess less and just breathe and be!

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