Thursday, October 5, 2017

Thursday Weigh-In - October 5th - Seventeen Weeks Low Carb/Keto and Some Gym Thoughts

Thursday Weigh-In - October 5th:
10/05/2017:                  -1.0 pounds
Total lost:                       58 pounds
Current Weight:            172 pounds

Yes! I finally had a loss of a pound this week after 3 weeks straight of under a pound losses. I'm now only 3 pounds away from being out of the "obese" BMI and into the "overweight!" My short-term goal is still 170 lbs (I'm sure I'll get there eventually).

So that's a loss seventeen weeks in a row as well as a loss of 26.6 pounds in the 119 days of low carb/keto with no cheating!

Tomorrow is day 120 of no cheating which puts me at my next 30-day reward which is a really fun work out tank top! I'm very excited to get it and it should be here either tomorrow or Friday and then I'll post some pics of me wearing it!

Now let's talk working out, gym and mental health...

So for the last two days I've noticed I'm getting more and more down and sad and really wanting to give in and just drown myself in carbs. I was snapping at people, crying out of nowhere, whining and complaining and just not being me. Yesterday's home workout helped but not nearly as much as I thought it would.

Today was even worse and I was so tempted to buy bakery foods and just stuff myself that I can't even explain but I did NOT. I came home and decided to stop, think and figure out what was going on and it hit me... this started when I decided to give up the gym.

I don't want to give up the gym! I don't want to work out at home despite all the stuff I have here. I don't get the same kind of workout, I don't get the same kind of rush of endorphins and, damn it, I obviously need the gym for my mental health so I am going back tomorrow.

I'm paid up until January and by then I can find ways to pay for it. I can look for places in the budget to make more cuts, I can start saving money now for the future months and if I sell even one drawing that could cover 4-5 months of membership right there depending on its size so I'm going to keep going.

Unfortunately today is out due to several afternoon appointments but I will be back tomorrow afternoon after work to pick up with Leg Day B which is were I left off earlier this week.

I also talked to Charles about this and he is all for it since it affects my mood so much.

I'm so happy to be going back tomorrow and, suddenly, I don't want to make myself feel better with carbs! I just want to make sure my stuff is ready to go and be ready to work out!

From now on, leaving the gym will be the final action taken when the money situation gets worse. There are other things I can sacrifice and it's just not worth trying to stop going and then feeling like crap!

I think that covers it for now!

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