Sunday, November 5, 2017

150 days Low Carb/Keto Cheat Free!!!

So... today is not just 150 days low carb/keto with no cheating but also my my most current 30-day no cheat streak (so I have a new tank top - pic at the bottom of the page).

These last 25 days have been pretty much the same as a the previous 25. I'm sticking with everything I've been doing before, I'm not having any major cravings and I'm still losing weight.

Some weeks the weight loss is better than others but it's still going down and it was bound to slow down so I'm okay with that.

I was doing great with working out until the pain days kicked back in and my face/neck/chest is just a mess with my skin (still the redness and heat but no spots for now). I'm starting to think that all of this is some kind of autoimmune thing and nothing that I'm doing wrong which kind of sucks in a way because if it was something I was doing, I'd be able to fix it.

This month I'm doing the 30-days step challenge again so that's keeping me going and walking and I'm definitely eating more calories than before because I'm hungry from burning off calories during workouts and walking but it all seems to be evening out come weigh-in day.

So... in 150 days I have not gone over 46 net grams of carbs, I've lost 32.4 pounds (based on my last weigh-in) and countless inches and sizes and I'm looking and feeling better every day.

I still haven't binged and have no plans to binge. I'm still planning my feast day for Christmas but that's not for 50 more days so it's nothing I need to worry about now. I've also hit five 30-day no cheating goals now which is really cool!

I have had absolutely NO desire to have any Halloween candy despite the fact that there's been a giant bowl of it in the house for three weeks now and that feels amazing! I don't miss junk food and crap food at all. Occasionally I think about how yummy it would be to have a small piece of good bread or something but it's not a cravings or anything, just a passing thought and it just feels so great to be in control of what and how much I'm eating!

I have no plans to stop any of this and will just keep sticking with what I'm doing until I hit my goal weight and then I can attempt to figure out maintenance, but, once again, that's nothing I need to worry about right now.

I think that covers it for now!

New 30-day tank-top and it's a size Medium!!!

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