Thursday, November 2, 2017

Thursday Weigh-In - November 2nd - Twenty-One Weeks Low Carb/Keto

Thursday Weigh-In - November 2nd:
11/02/2017:                  -0.2 pounds
Total lost:                      63.8  pounds
Current Weight:            166.2 pounds

This week I had a tiny loss but I'm okay with this. I didn't really work out much because I've been in pain and felt like crap all week and I know I didn't do anything wrong with my food so it just is what it is.

I've been mentally preparing myself for a while now for the weigh loss to slow down because it was bound to start slowing by now so I'm just going to stay on track and on plan like I have been and, hopefully, kick the exercise back in high gear this week.

I'm also going to keep working on eating more real food with decent protein rather than just grabbing a protein bar or shake because it's easier and I don't want to deal with "real" food. Plus I know that as soon as the pain days and headaches settle down again, things will get back on a better track.

I think that's all I have right now!

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