Tuesday, November 7, 2017

To Gym or Not to Gym... That is the Question...

So, for the last several days I've been contemplating if I should continue working out at home or return to the gym (currently I'm just working on 10,000 steps a day until the pain days improve so I have time to think).

There are definitely pros and cons to both and it's hard for me to make this decision but a decision needs to be made.

Sure, it would be great to do both BUT if I pay for a gym membership I actually need to attend and not waste my money and if I do that then I need to stop making excuses (like... it's cold out, it's raining~soon to be snowing, I don't have time, I'm tired, it's getting late, it'll be dark by the time I'm done...) and just go and I need to stop purchasing equipment for my home because I really can't afford to do both.

If  I choose to stay at home instead then I can keep buying affordable stuff for the home but I need to stop spending money on a gym membership I don't use because, once again, I can't afford to do both.

Sure, I can go to the gym for the majority of the time and do things like yoga, pilates, stretching and outdoor walks (in good weather) at home but just stop buying stuff to challenge myself more and make myself work harder so let's do some pros and cons because it always helps me to "think out loud."

Also, at this time one of my pros for staying at home is the fact that no one will shoot me here and even I know that's not a mentally healthy thought so I suppose I should deal with that sometime soon!

Okay, so, let's do this...

Working Out at Home Pros:
  • I don't have to leave my house
  • I don't have to wait on any machines or equipment and it doesn't matter what I look like
  • I can watch movies while working out
  • I'm right at home in case of emergencies or issues
  • I can work out at any time or day
  • immediate bathroom access (I have IBS... trust me, this one is important)
  • doesn't officially cost me anything
  • bad weather won't prevent a workout
  • I don't have to pack a bag or forget my water bottle or headphones or whatever
  • I don't have to deal with other people
  • someone is usually here to take my pics for my Instagram during workouts
  • no germs!
  • I can get all my questions answered online by my trainer and meet with her is the need exists
  • I can go as slow or as fast as I want and really focus on every rep without worrying that I have to rush home again
  • I can grunt, swear and yell as much as I want and not feel stupid lol
  • I seem more likely to stick to a home routine more than a gym routine
  • I'm a lot less likely to wake up on a super rainy day and say "ugh, I'm not going out in this today" vs going "it's raining but it's not like I have to leave the house so let's work out."
  • I can split my workouts into morning and late afternoon and not have to worry about getting to the gym twice
  • I do get a huge endorphin rush even at home
  • if I pay money for equipment I can suit it to what I want/need and I get to keep it with no membership needed... it's mine for life
  • I'm a lot more likely to do simple exercises or a yoga DVD on high pain days rather than go to the gym... high pain days are for home
  • um... I don't have to leave my house (I know, I know, I said that one already)

Working Out at Home Cons:
  • I don't get quiet the same kind of endorphin rush as the gym
  • I don't get as sore or feel my workout has been as tough as at the gym
  • the money I'd spend on a gym membership is actually being spent on random home equipment most months :/
  • a lot less options for equipment and cardio choices
  • if my form is wrong there's no one to correct it
  • if I don't know how to do an exercise I can't just ask someone that minute and have someone show me how to do it
  • I am more isolated which isn't the best thing for my metal health at times
  • distractions... so many, many distractions
  • my cardio is limited to DVDs (unless I can get outside or eventually afford a treadmill)
  • The Christmas tree is going to seriously get in the way of my workout space from end of November to New Year's Day although I'm working on a plan for that

Working Out at the Gym Pros:
  • Very short drive to get there - less than 10 minutes from home
  • 2 available bathrooms (IBS thing again)
  • Internet and phone access in case of emergencies
  • tons of options for equipment and cardio
  • weight training machines that support my back and push me harder
  • huge endorphin rush
  • I sweat more and am twice as sore as any at-home workouts
  • someone to correct my form
  • someone to answer my questions or show me how to do a certain exercise
  • I can listen to music for the whole workout and/or watch a movie during cardio
  • endless exercise options using dumbbells, kettle balls, cables, machines, free weights, barbells, squat rack, cardio stuff and many, many more... also higher quality equipment than what I have at home
  • people to talk to and get inspired by
  • people to share workout progress and accomplishments with
  • I can go at anytime since it's 24 hours
  • my trainer is there twice a week and can answer all my questions and show me how to do whatever I want to learn to do
  • making new friends
  • full length mirrors so I can take my own pics as I go and watch my form and muscles work as I work out
  • learning new exercises and routines just by watching people or asking and being able to see if first hand and not on YouTube
  • The equipment is mostly set up and ready for me... for example: I don't have to figure out how many times to wrap a resistance band around an anchor to make it heavy enough or short enough for an exercise... I just choose the weight and go

Working Out at the Gym Cons:
  • I actually have to make myself go there
  • have to make sure I can fit so much time into my schedule so I don't have to break up a workout or end it early
  • monthly payments
  • having to leave my warm house in rain, snow and cold
  • having it closed or not being able to get there in snow or ice storms
  • sharing equipment or waiting to use it
  • germs!!!!!
  • no one to take my pics for Instagram while I work out
  • making sure I have everything I need - sneakers, water bottle, headphones, phone, yoga mat, printed workout, etc
  • feeling intimidated by others - maybe, it depends on the day
So, that's what I have so far (if I think of more I'll add it throughout the day). 

Thoughts, opinions, ideas?

Help me out here people!

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