Tuesday, December 5, 2017

180 days Low Carb/Keto Cheat Free!!!

So, today is 180 days cheat free low carb/keto and my next 30 days of being cheat free which earned me my favorite tank top to date! I think I was originally going to post this at 175 days but I forgot.

Also, I had to get a replacement tank top because this one was a little too big at the bottom and I know that it'll be way too big in a matter of months which is actually really cool!

The last 30 days have been the same as the several 30 day cycles before them in terms of food, calories and macros and I'm still working on getting my exercise back on track. The only things that's changing is how fast the weight is coming off because it's definitely slowing down but that's normal and I'm still at some kind of weekly weight loss so I'm not complaining (too much anyway lol).

I'm still within all my numbers (I haven't gone over 46 net grams of carbs in 180 days and I've lost 36.6 lbs in that time). I'm still losing inches and sizes (as shown by the huge trash bag of clothes I gave away that are too big for me now). I'm still not binging, cheating or craving cheating but I'm also tired. I want a day where I can just eat whatever and not think about it or plan for it or worry or track or any of that but that's what Christmas is for and that's only 20 days away.

And, speaking of Christmas, here is where things change just a little. The next no cheat cycle is only going for 20 days because Christmas falls on Day 200 and that's my feast day. 

I think that at this point I will start the 30-day count over again the day after Christmas and once 30 days pass from then I get another tank top but I'm not sure because I will have that last 20 days under my belt already so I'm still figuring that out.

Other than that the total daily count is staying the same but now it'll be posted and talked about as "200 days low carb/keto, 1 cheat day" versus "200 days low carb/keto cheat free." I hope that makes sense lol.

So my main goals right now are to get into the 150's within this month (getting closer and closer to that every week), get back to regular working out and just keep working hard!

And here's my new tank top in a size Large... I have a Medium on it's way to me in the mail!


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