Saturday, December 16, 2017

And Now For a Few More Workout Changes...

So my back went out today, badly. I felt like I had a knife stuck into the lower, right side of my back and I could barely lift my right arm.

What was I doing to throw it out at the time? I was freaking paying for groceries!!! WTF!!

In any case, after Advil, Tylenol and ice, I'm in slightly less pain but no less pissed off that it went out for no reason at all and I made an executive decision about my exercise plan... I'm going back to the gym.

The reason for this is simple, right now, with the way my back has behaved all week, the safest form of exercise for me is weight machines because they protect my back so that's what I'm going to start with.

Plus, you guys know how much I love the gym and how much I've gone back and forth about keeping it and not just working out at home. At this time we can afford to keep it (for now anyway) and I miss it and I desperately need to get away from all the stress in my life and have some me time (and the gym is my favorite place to do that... go figure).

My plan is still Upper/Lower Day workouts but for the next 6 weeks (or as long as I need it to be), when I'm at the gym, I'm sticking with machines. I don't even have to create a new plan because I have one already so as soon as my back settles down a little, I'm going to the gym! After about 6 weeks I'll add in cables but I may keep free weights at home and still continue with once a week gentle yoga or something. Just do the best of both worlds and not worry about how often I go. The big thing here is to keep from getting obsessed with it, I don't want to fall back into the whole "I HAVE to go to the gym every day since I'm signed up or else I have to give it up or I HAVE to workout at home because I have equipment here" thing... every day will not be the same and that's life anyway (can you tell I have an obsessive disorder?).

On the days that I'm home (especially with the next two crazy weeks) I'll work on my other home workout plan and just try not to obsess to much and be really careful with my back!

So some days I'll work out at the gym, some days I'll work out at home and some days I'm hoping to maybe, finally, hit some classes at my trainer's studio but everything will depend on pain, injuries, weather and time.

I'm just going to take it week by week and day by day if I have too, kind of like I did with sticking with low carb, and I honestly think that right now, the best thing for my back is to do things that will keep it protected. And this gives me way more options for cardio than the home DVDs do.

So here's what the basic weekly line up will look like... and I'm looking at 7-9 exercises for each workout day including planks, gentle back work and abs on lower body days which may seem like a lot but I've done if before with machines and was very happy with it.

Day 1 - Upper A
Day 2 - Lower A
Day 3 - cardio
Day 4 - Upper B
Day 5 - Lower B
Day 6 - cardio
Day 7 - REST or Active Rest (gentle yoga and stretching)

As always, I reserve the right to change and edit the plan as I go depending on how my body feels and what it needs at the time, or of I come across a different workout that I want to do that just works better for me. I know exactly what I'm looking for and I think I know where I can find it so I will updated as I go.

Let's see what happens!

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