Sunday, December 24, 2017

My First Cheat Day in 199 Days of Low Carb/Keto!

Happy Christmas Eve!!

So, I had my first cheat day in 199 days of low carb/keto (tomorrow is day 200 and I'll have a post on that tomorrow as well) and, all in all, it went far better than I expected!

I had a little bit of everything I planned to have... our typical Christmas Chinese food (a day early because we're getting hit with yet another snow storm tonight and into tomorrow), some really good chocolate, some really amazing bread and some tiramisu plus little bits of and pieces of random food.

I did not go crazy and eat everything in sight. In fact, I didn't eat everything of anything that I had and I ended up having a really reasonable portion of the tiramisu and had leftover Chinese Food that I have no more interest in and lots, and I mean, lots of great chocolate left over.

I didn't stuff myself until I became sick, I didn't have two bites of bread and eat everything carby in the house, I didn't get nearly as sick as I afraid I would and my addiction is still under control, as in, I don't even want anything that's still left over.

Will I be tempted to eat any of these things tomorrow? I seriously doubt it. I'm actually looking forward to going back to my normal low carb/keto food plan!

Yes, it was a lot of fun to eat whatever I felt like eating, at whatever time, with no regard for macros or calories, but I definitely don't want a second day of it. It was fun, it was slightly exciting and now it's done. I didn't feel deprived by limiting my choices at all and I don't feel deprived knowing it will be still be here tomorrow but I won't be eating any of it, not even after looking at the all the leftovers. I just don't want any more of it and that's a freaking amazing feeling.

Of course, I may feel differently tomorrow but even if I do, it's right back to low carb for me!

I actually want to go back to the calories and macros. Yes, I definitely needed a break from it but I guess all I needed was this short, 1-day break and I'm looking forward to just being back to normal.

I also have absolutely no plans for another cheat day for a long, long time to come, maybe next Christmas, maybe sooner, but not for a very long time.

I may be singing a different tune tomorrow with a carb and sugar "hangover" but I'm hoping for the best here.

So, I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas Eve and I'll have new posts tomorrow!!

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