Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Tuesday Thoughts on Pretty Much Everything...

So this is an update kind of post on all sorts of things, mostly to do with workouts and food..

1) I seem to be somewhat stuck with my weight. I'm trying not to obsess about it because I knew it would start to really slow down (if not stop) for a while, so I guess I'll take what I can get and only complain if there's a gain of some kind.

2) My back went out again yesterday, in the exact same place at on Saturday, so I'm being very careful with it, which led me to change up my workouts again. I did a lot (and I mean a LOT of research on how to deal with the back while still reaching my workout goals) and I discovered that

  • Pilates, yoga and barre are really good for strengthening core and back even with a bad back as long as you're careful and, like I posted last week (or the week before), I have access to many DVD's for all these things and I enjoy them.
  • I don't NEED weight machines at the gym to protect my back, there's ways to protect it as home and still work out which is really good because with my schedule for the next two weeks and other stuff going on, I may have a hard time getting there. I'm basically taking the gym month by month right now.
  • I can find modifications and exercises that will specifically protect my back while still allowing me to work on weight/strength training which is my favorite workout to do
  • the best cardio for me right now may just be walking!
So I took my 6-week Upper/Lower Weight Training Body Plan and I went through it exercise by exercise, looking up each one and either finding a safer back replacement or a modification form of it to create a new 6-week Upper/Lower Weight Training Workout that is specifically made to keep my back as safe as possible while helping me build strength in both the back and the core, as well as all other muscles.

It's created now (in big part thank to my amazingly patient trainer!!) and ready to go as soon as the current pain settle down some, hopefully by next week. Right now I'm planning for 1 day a week of pilates, yoga or barre, whichever my body seems to want, depending on how I feel. This plan can also easily be converted for the gym so I can do it at home or the gym, no problem, it's just depends on how I feel, what the weather is like and what my schedule looks like!

I also want to start with 10,000 steps again because that may be my best option for safe cardio for now when I'm at home. There's also great cardio variety at the gym but, at the current moment, slow walking is probably best.

3) Plans for my Christmas feast day may be a day sooner than originally planned because, looking at the current weather forecast, Christmas day is promising a wintry mix of snow and ice while Christmas eve looks good (we'll need to go out to get the Chinese food and I'm not risking it in bad weather!)

This actually works out well because Dmitri will be home Christmas Eve and working Christmas Day and, because Christmas Day is actually 200 days of low carb, that would be the perfect place to pick up with low carb after my one day of freedom and decadence, but I'm not making any final decisions until we get closer to the date!

I think that's about all I have for now. I'm just really looking forward to starting my new workout plan already and for my back to stop going out!!!

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