Sunday, January 14, 2018

Day Four Keto and Workout Plan Thoughts

I made it to Day 4 keto and so far so good!

The last three days my net carbs have been under under 20 grams (15, 15, and 18) and today is planned for 15. My fat intake has also been way up (to actually reach my macros) and that's helping to keep me feeling really full. Even my sugar macros are down, from about 14-17 grams a day to 7-8!

Of course yesterday was Day 3 which, as always, was awful, but I prevailed! I think the things making the biggest difference right now is planning all my meals out the night before so I know exactly what I'll be eating when and taking my protein bars out of the menu lineup all together. I plan on still having them sometimes but more of a treat or a back up emergency if I absolutely can't get to any other food.

Now that that I have food mostly under control it's time to face working out. For several weeks now I've been waffling back and forth on what I want to follow for a program. I really love the Lauren Gleisberg workouts (I've talked about them before) and I fully planned on following them as of yesterday but the more I look them over, the more I see things I would have to modify due to my back and my knees, so I think I changed my mind and will stick to my self-created Push/Pull/Legs/Abs A-G workout for several rotations and see what happens.

But I may still change my mind and go with the Lauren Gleisberg ones when I'm done researching all the moves that concern me so nothing is decided yet.

I really wanted to start today but my head hurts very badly so we'll see as I go.

Basically, like the quote above states, I need to start with a plan I know I can stick with and I'm still trying to figure out what that is.

Anyway, the point is, as long as I'm doing something, I'll be good because I've been doing nothing for weeks and I'm sick of it!

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