Sunday, January 7, 2018

Emotional Eating, Cheat Days and Starting Fresh Again!

So... yesterday was a complete and total failure. I can't get into details as to why at this time but, like I posted yesterday, I medicated with carbs and it was a bad, bad idea.

It didn't help the way I hoped it would (and the way it used to about a year ago) and it made me very, very sick. Of course no one is actually surprised by that turnout but it is what it is.

The only thing that was okay from the whole event is that, somehow, my weight did not go up and I'm not longer craving carbs and sugar at this time. In fact, the thought of them is making me feel like throwing up :/

So I decided to start over with Day 1 today. I considered not starting over and just continuing to count days but I know me and I know my brain and I know that if I have the precedent of "I already had one cheat day" that it would lead to "Oh, I had one, I can have another one..." the next time I have a hard time and I don't want to do that.

I really want to (and need to) get back to no cheating at all so, once again, that's the plan from here on out and if I have to start over again today to make it happen then so be it.

The big thing working on my favor is that in the past week I had already started to say that even though I had a 6-day free for all after my Christmas cheat, it sill felt worth it so maybe I could do it again next Christmas (not a good idea no matter what angle you look at it from), but yesterday made me feel so freaking sick that I can honestly say it was NOT worth it and I really don't want to repeat it again.

For the way I think, that's great and that's what's likely to stop me the next time the urge hits!

I did go back and reread my blog for several weeks after I started no cheating in June and it looks like I'll have it under control by about Day 10. Day 3 will be the worst (it always is) but the cravings may hang around a bit longer but, back in June, by day 10 I was doing awesome and not craving the carbs at all!

The other thing I changed is that, right now, an award every 30 days is too far away, so, instead, I'm going to do a small reward every 5 days until I feel like I can stretch it better. The plan now is that for every 5 days I don't cheat I will put $5 into the envelope for "new clothes to buy when I hit my goal weight." That's basically what I'll need when I get to that point anyway lol.

Tomorrow is my birthday and we'll be making a keto dessert for it... wooohoo.

So here's to Day 1! Let's make it happen!!

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