Monday, January 29, 2018

One More Restart - Day One Cheat-Free Keto Weigh-In

Starting Weight: 230 lbs (6/26/2015)

Weight on last logging day (1/19/2018): 162.4 lbs

Weight Lost Between 6/26/2015 - 1/19/2018: 67.6 lbs

Weight Gained between 1/19/2018 and Day One (1/29/2018): 9.6 lbs

Total Weight Lost as of Day One: 58 lbs

Day One Weight: 172 lbs

I am restarting back in the 170's and that is depressing enough that I know I can make this work this time around.

I have to lose a good 12 pounds to even get back to my pre-Christmas weight but it is what it is. These are the very real consequences to constant cheating/binging and now's the time to get it together and get back on track.

That's all I really have for this post because I posted yesterday about my plan of attack.

My next official weigh-in is Thursday and I'm hoping to be down at least a pound by then and my newest short-term goal is 170 lbs.

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