Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Rethinking My Tracking Days and More

Okay, so I've been thinking a lot about this and about how long I've been on the low carb/keto plan and how I kept restarting to Day One in January, and here's what I've come up with.

I am going back to my original tracking day of 215 days in a row (which I have tracked, more or less, even when cheating) instead of starting over with Day 1 because I cheated several times. I will also continue to track the days I don't cheat in a row and include them in the blog count.

I am doing this because this is a journey and a marathon and it's part of my life and just because I had cheat days and faltered doesn't mean I have to start over and over and over again. Sometimes there will be mistakes, sometimes (not that I have any planned because I don't) there will be an occasional cheat day, sometimes there will be exercise and sometimes I'll be a slug, but none that means that I have to restart the tracking count each and every time.

This is my life. This is how things are. Nothing will ever be perfect and it just makes more sense to me to blog about it and talk about it rather than recounting the days because it is what it is and the journey won't always be perfect.

So, I'm going to pick up from here and probably rework my previous blog posts to have them make more sense.

As of today this puts me at 215 days logging on My Fitness Pal and currently 3 days cheat free!

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