Thursday, January 25, 2018

Starting Fresh - Day One Keto, Weigh-In and Thoughts

I realize I posted almost this same thing yesterday but I have decided to change a couple of things since then so I'm reposting.

Starting Weight: 230 lbs (6/26/2015)

Weight on last logging day (1/19/2018): 162.4 lbs

Weight Lost Between 6/26/2015 - 1/19/2018: 67.6 lbs

Weight Gained between 1/19/2018 and Day One (1/25/2018): 6.6 lbs

Total Weight Lost as of Day One: 61 lbs

Day One Weight: 169 lbs

I'm ready to be back on the wagon and give it my all again so here's what I'm doing and the changes I'm making!

1) I did not not like having a Wednesday weigh-in instead of Thursday. I work Wednesdays and since I'm adding text to my scale photos for Instagram and editing for color, as well as blogging about my weigh-in, all that is much easier and faster to do at home rather than work (and takes less time as well).

2) The other reason I'm back to Thursday's is a big one. I've noticed that the majority of my weigh gain after cheat days happens the day AFTER I have a cheat-free day but I didn't take that into account when tracking yesterday's weight so the scale today was almost 2 pounds higher than what it was yesterday so I am choosing to count today's weight (although I KNOW a big part of it is water weight, I'm counting it anyway).

3) I also realized after looking over my last set of workouts, that it wasn't the Lauren Gleisberg strength training workouts that hurt my back, it was my cardio DVD. As long as I wasn't doing the cardio my back was fine so I might restart her week one workout and just skip the cardio portions, or do my own workout and really focus on hitting 10,000 steps a day for now, or until my back is stronger. I'm not sure which one I'm going with but I will be doing something soon!

4) I'm starting my daily count on My Fitness Pal over again as today as well as restarting the no cheating rule because this is the time to do it. There's not going to be in any cheating for any upcoming holidays and I have almost a year to consider what to do next Christmas so I'm not worried about that right now.

5) I'm also going back the 30-day no cheating reward but this time I'll decide what what I want as a reward as I get closer to the date instead of choosing one general idea for each time I hit 30 days.
I need to get to a place where I can fight of temptation and not cheating is the only way I can do that. I was able to do it before, from June to December, and I did great but since that first Christmas Eve feast day I haven't been able to stick to the plan and it sucks.

I am determined to make this work because if I don't, not only am I letting down my family and the people who follow me and count on me to inspire them but also myself and that feeling sucks.

I will do it this time! I have to!!

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