Saturday, January 27, 2018

This is the Plan That Never Ends....

It's 12 pm and I'm already at over 100 grams of carbs (not cheat foods like bread or junk or desserts, just various food that doesn't really fit my plan but I ate them anyway because I seem to have lost all my self-control).

Will I restart Day 1 tomorrow? Yes, and I will restart as many days as I have too to make it stick.

How will I make it stick? I don't know... find some self control?

One idea that I have is to post my nutrition breakdown at the end of every day either on my blog or Instagram or both and talk about how each day went until I'm able to stick to the plan.

If I know that I HAVE to post the nutrition breakdown then I will NOT cheat because I don't want to track all that and then share how it went.

Is this whole back and forth thing getting a little old? Yes it is.

Am I going to just give up? No I'm not.

Am I going to be mad and upset at myself? Probably but every day is a new day to learn and succeed and once of these days it WILL kick in and I will start succeeding.

I know I can do this again and, hey, at least today wasn't a full blow-out cheat day, right?

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