Thursday, January 11, 2018

Thursday Weigh-In - January 11th - Thirty-One Weeks Low Carb/Keto With Cheat Days

Thursday Weigh-In - January 11th:
01/11/2018:                  -1.0 pounds
Total lost:                     65.6  pounds
Current Weight:          164.4 pounds

I'm down a pound and I'll happily take it! This is also 34.2 lbs down since officially restarting in June of 2017. My short-term goal is still 160 lbs.

Now, today was supposed to be day 5 cheat free and, in a way, it would be but I got incredibly hungry last night after I was done logging in for the night so I ended up having an additional protein bar and a piece of chocolate and some other stuff, so while they weren't actually cheat foods I did end up with my net carbs at 62 which is way, way, way higher than my plan so I'm restarting my day 1 cheat free count today just because that's what feels right to me. It wasn't a cheat day but it also wasn't on plan and I'd rather count the on-plan days.

I'm also NOT restarting everything over or stopping my count from June like I talked about in the previous blog. I'm just restarting the "cheat-free" count. I hope that makes sense.

My other really big plan for this week is that I want to drop my daily carb amounts by about 10 net grams for each day which basically means replacing a protein bar with something "real" like meat, cheese, veggies, some fat, etc. I want to go from mostly net carbs of mid-30's every day to mid 20's-lower 20's and see what happens with my weight and my headaches (which don't want to go away).

I'm also putting all the protein bars in the downstairs freezer so it would be harder for me to get to them. This week I'm replacing one bar a day, next week I'll tackle something else (or keep working on the one bar depending on how it goes). I need to take this thing step by step!

I think that's pretty much it for today but I'm really looking forward to seeing what a lower carb plan will bring to my health and weight!

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