Thursday, January 18, 2018

Thursday Weigh-In - January 18th - Thirty-Two Weeks Low Carb/Keto With Some "Off-Plan" Days and Some Food Thoughts

Thursday Weigh-In - January 18th:
01/18/2018:                  -2.0 pounds
Total lost:                     67.6  pounds
Current Weight:          162.4 pounds

Yes!! I'm down 2 pounds this week and I'm starting to feel great! I've been doing strict keto for 8 days now (under 25 net grams of carbs but up until today I kept it at 18 and under) and my hard work is paying off on the scale and on how I feel.

I have more energy again (as you can tell from the workout posts), I'm more awake, more alert and the cravings are subsiding (although not completely gone).

I'm now only 2.8 lbs over my pre-holiday weight and hopefully that will be gone within the next two weeks and I can get back to getting closer to my goal weight.

I actually expected being this strict with my carbs to be harder but not only am I not missing the extra carbs but I'm actually eating healthier (the protein bars are now a rare treat). I still need to work on replacing my protein shakes with real food but I'm taking this one step at a time. And my short--term goal is still 160 but I need to hit 159.5 pounds to finally be under the weight I was before Christmas came around.

I also had coffee without any sweetener for the first time ever today and it still tastes good! I'm considering that a victory in my book! I can't believe I used to drink it from Dunkin Donuts with extra cream and extra sugar! That would make me so sick now!

So... here's the other thing I've been thinking about. I know that low carb/keto is a long-term lifestyle for me and I really hate the concept of cheat days. Food should not be good or evil, nor should it be used as a reward or punishment (something I'm still working on). It's just food and it's part of life but I am AM an addict and I know it.

So my thought last night was to get rid of the concept of cheat days and just consider them "off plan" days from now. That it's not a "cheat" because that's a negative way of looking at the rest of my life but it's more of an indulgence. That concept is good and I'm keeping it.

My second thought last night was to accept the fact that off-plan days will happen and just deal with them and not beat myself up for them... now that concept I am NOT keeping and here is why. As soon as I made that decision and discussed it with the kids and Charles, my brain started whirling away and trying to convince me that, "hey, they're not cheat days anymore and anyone can have an off plan day and tomorrow you're buying groceries so think of all the high carb goodies you can get!"

I could not get my brain to stop telling me this! No matter what I did or how I distracted myself all my brain could focus on was the possibility of an allowed off plan day. So this is not going to work for me right now. At all. I was already craving carbs just by considering them even though I haven't felt a craving in 3-4 days!

Obviously I am addicted more than I thought so I'm taking a step back from all this. I want to keep the concept of "off plan" days versus "cheat" days but they will be carefully planned for and very few and far between. Maybe once or twice a year tops until I hit my goal weight and reevaluate things for maintenance which is still a good 33 pounds away!

And even then I'm staying low carb but maybe upping my carbs back up to 50-80 or so with the extra carbs coming from sweet potatoes and butternut squash, not bread and desserts!

It's just interesting to see how my mind process works. Also, I did do grocery shopping today and I'm happy to say I'm still fully on plan and didn't buy anything my brain was clamoring for last night! Wooo... progress!

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