Sunday, February 4, 2018

7 Days Cheat-Free Strict Keto!

Woohoo! I finally hit a full week of strict keto with no cheating and it feels great (outside of the really, really bad headache/migraine which I'm blaming on the weather).

I'm not cravings carbs at all, not any real cravings anyway. Yeah, I'd love to have some but I'm not going too and it feels really great to be away from that non-stop carb and sugar cravings that I dealt with for almost all of January!

I'm doing really well with food and working hard on upping my protein so I can at least hit my recommended protein macros. I even have some protein whey powder coming today that I'm going to try out. I normally don't do too well with powdered stuff (it always tastes "off") but this one came highly recommended so I'll try it and see what happens.

The scale is also moving down quiet nicely and I should see a really great loss this week!

Now the plan is to just keep going and hopefully hit my goal weight this year!

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