Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Bring On the Testing - Dermatologist and Skin Issues Update - PHOTOS INCLUDED

I haven't been updating on my skin issues for quite a while because I've had to reschedule my dermatologist visit five or six times so far this winter due to a snow storm or ice conditions every single time I had an appointment. It was very frustrating, especially as things with my skin were getting worse, but I finally made it in today and we have some progress!

But first, here's what's been going on with the heat, redness, swelling and more redness. At first I thought the cream was helping as the skin issues went from every afternoon and evening to four or five times a week but then they started covering new ground and for the last two weeks they've been back to every evening and afternoon again.

The redness has spread from my face, sides of my neck and chest to covering my entire face and ears, all of my neck, even under my chin where it was never red before, a much larger portion of my chest and then to my upper and now middle back, shoulders and most recently, down my upper arms. And.. a whole new place, it now spreads across my toes and top of my feet.

Of course this redness and heat comes and goes. It's always at its worst after 3-4 pm and lasts until after I go to bed. The more I work out, the worse it seems to be. On top of that, the circulation in my fingers and toes has gotten really bad so they're constantly freezing and, in my opinion, all of this is tied to some kind of autoimmune issue.

I already have Renaud's syndrome (which explains the circulation) and fibromyalgia and there's an entire autoimmune umbrella that I could be falling under and now, finally, they are testing me for all this!

My dermatologist agreed that it is most likely an autoimmune issue of some kind and, currently, they are specifically looking for Lupus (I know, I know, it's never lupus ;)) but today they took a tissue sample to biopsy off of my chest to try and figure out what's going on and sent me to get blood taken for numerous other tests as well as making sure my kidney's are in good shape.

I go back in two weeks to see if we have any answers from the testing and I'm hoping that, one way or another, we can figure out what's going on.

I'm including some pictures here, they ARE safe despite the fact that I am not wearing a top in the one that shows the chest redness, it cuts off before too much is shown, but this is basically what I look like every afternoon and evening, sometimes better and sometimes worse. I don't normally share this kind of thing but I wanted to show what I'm dealing with and maybe someone out there has an idea what this is or how I can make it better?

Also, I no longer need the incredibly expensive cream because it's not helping anyway.

I'm just thrilled I'm finally being listened too and that we're moving ahead to either confirm this or rule it out!

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