Saturday, February 17, 2018

Some Workout Plan Changes and the Past Week of Yoga Challenge Photos!

After the last two days of running my own workout plan I decided to go back to the Lauren Gleisberg plan starting tomorrow.

I'm comparing how I felt between the two different workouts and I sweated more, burned more calories and was way, way, way more sore (during and after) using the LG workout rather than my own.

So despite how I may feel about some of the harder exercises (which I probably shouldn't be avoiding anyway just because they're hard), I think the LG one was better for my body because I could feel it during the workouts and I'm not feeling it nearly as much with mine. I am somewhat sore, but nothing like how I felt with the LG workout.

Plus I figure if I really want some pilates and barre moves I can do separate workouts for those in between the LG ones... like, finish the 1st LG one (12 weeks) then do a week or two of pilates/barre whatever, then move on to the next LG one or mix it in throughout the weeks or something.

I'll still need to modify her plan to work with my back but I think it's better than my plan in terms of getting in shape so that's what I'm going to do.

And here are the yoga poses that I've done for the last seven days (in order of doing them):

Day Eleven - Cobra Pose 

Day Twelve - Downward Facing Dog Pose 

Day Thirteen - One-Legged Downward Facing Dog Pose

Day Fourteen - Standing Forward Bend Pose

Day Fifteen - High Lunge Pose 

Day Sixteen - Low Lunge/Low Warrior Pose

Day Seventeen - Warrior III Pose

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