Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Ten Days Cheat Free and Workout Plans!!

Yes! I hit 10 days cheat free which puts me at my longest streak since Christmas Eve when the cheat days started. The next streak to beat will be 199 days!

I'm still doing great with the plan and still not cravings carbs. I'm also loving my new protein powder and it is definitely going to replace my Atkins shakes because it's way healthier and has less stuff in it and I've figured out exactly how I like to make it too.

Actually hitting my protein macros should really help when I start working out again and, with that lead in....

I just finished a huge (for me) workout plan project! I put in many hours last night and today and it's done except for what weights and bands I'll need!

Basically, I realized that the reason I was avoiding working out is because while I really like the Lauren Gleisberg set up and plan in theory, I don't want to do it. It would be really hard on my back and knees, I can't do the suggested cardio at this time and if I have to modify it that much anyway then why not just actually do my own where I control what moves I'm doing and make sure to go with one that will protect and strengthen my back and core.

So I went back to my A-G Push/Pull/Leg/Abs plan but I also knew that I wanted to incorporate some pilates and barre into it along with some of the moves that I really loved from the LG plan. I spent hours and hours researching pilates/barre movements for each of those body parts and added 2 extra exercises to each workout day, putting me at 8 exercises a day which isn't bad at all.

I then had to go through and figure out which days each exercise belonged on and make sure there wasn't too much overlap (like 4 chest exercise but only 2 shoulders or something).

And now it's done and I am SO looking forward to doing it! The plan is to start in the next 2 days and I will run the entire program once and see what, if anything, needs to be changed!

I'm finally excited about working out again!! Wooohooo!

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