Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Past Week of Yoga Challenge Photos!

Today is my official rest day and thank God for that because my legs and butt are more sore than they were yesterday and getting up and down, and especially stairs and sitting, is horrible!

Tomorrow I'm looking at chest, triceps and abs and am looking forward to starting my second week or this plan!

As for yoga it's going great but we've been looking at some extra difficult poses so I've had to modify the last two and will have to modify the next two. Now I need to start picking out a yoga challenge for March!

So here are the yoga poses that I've done for the last seven days (in order of doing them):

Day Eighteen - Warrior II Pose

     Day Nineteen - Modified Side Angle Pose

  Day Twenty - Triangle Pose with Yoga Block

Day Twenty-One - Tree Pose

Day Twenty-Two - Inclined Plane/Upward Plank Pose

Day Twenty-Three - Half Bow Pose instead of regular Bow Pose

 Day Twenty-Four - Modified Camel Pose instead of regular Camel Pose

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